DIY: Margaery's wedding necklace

14. srpna 2014 v 15:07 | Fun.n.1 |  Tutorials
Hi everyone, I decided to make Margaery's wedding necklace.
It's very simple and cheap ;)
For all tutorial go down.

Write a comment in Czech or in English ;)

Margaery and Joffrey

You need: FIMO (or other polymer clay)
Fake diamonds or beads
White nail polish or white acrylic paint
Silver acrylic paint (I used email color 90)
Some chainlet

Make this shape

It should look like this

Bake it all

Add few drops of nail polish on silver paint

Add crystals, fake diamonds and beads

Add chainlet and after nail polish drys, add more drops

Congratulation! You're done :)
It wasn't so hard to made it, or was?
I hope you liked my new turorial, this one was for someone who votes in questionnaire, thank you Anonymous :)
Please write comment about what do you want I make, I prepare a new about Sansa's big black necklace, so write me :)


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