DIY: Joffrey's crown

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I did it! I have a Joffrey's crown!
And if you want have your own crown too than go down and read my tutorial :)
Please WRITE A COMMENTS in CZECH or ENGLISH if you want ;)

Time: 4 days, (2-3 hours a day)

FIMO: I used 5-6 pieces, 230 Kč
Acrylic paints: gold, silver about 150 Kč
Tools: I have no idea, sorry (You can use pens, pencils and other things, whitch are in your home.

It is very HAARD (It IS but I think, that almost everyone can do it)

How I said, 6 Fimo better is if they are in same or similar colour, but it is not important.

This is really easy. Use 57 cm long wire and 3 pieces of FIMO.

Draw an ornaments.

Draw a shape of first piece from four pieces of the crown on wax paper.

Now trace shape on FIMO with some tools.

Cut it out.

Make a texture and add transparent glass or clay in amber (jantar) colour.

Bake it in round shape and after add it on baked crown.

Another piece of crown YOU NEED FOUR (you can see that there isn't glass but amber clay)

There is one photo how I add it on crown with piece of clay, don't forgot make a texture.

After use acrylic paints (gold and silver) and paint all crown.

THANK YOU so much if you read it all and if you like my blog <3
I hope that I helped you and that you write me about it :)


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