Srpen 2014

Which tutorial do you want?

17. srpna 2014 v 20:47 | Fun.n.1
Hi guys!
I want ask you about what I should make, so please vote in questionnaire ;)
THANK YOU for visit :)

(Chci se vás zeptat, který návod bych měla udělat, nebo který chcete abych udělala, tak prosím hlasujte v anketě ;)(

n.1 Cersei's belt

n.2 Sansa's black necklace

n.3 Robb's dire wolfs cloak

n.4 Littlefinger's mockingbird

Other about you know you want ;)
(Ostatní, které chcete ;))
Go down for questionnaire

DIY: Margaery's wedding necklace

14. srpna 2014 v 15:07 | Fun.n.1 |  Tutorials
Hi everyone, I decided to make Margaery's wedding necklace.
It's very simple and cheap ;)
For all tutorial go down.

Write a comment in Czech or in English ;)

Margaery and Joffrey

DIY: Joffrey's crown

10. srpna 2014 v 21:23 | Fun.n.1 |  Tutorials
I did it! I have a Joffrey's crown!
And if you want have your own crown too than go down and read my tutorial :)
Please WRITE A COMMENTS in CZECH or ENGLISH if you want ;)

Time: 4 days, (2-3 hours a day)

FIMO: I used 5-6 pieces, 230 Kč
Acrylic paints: gold, silver about 150 Kč
Tools: I have no idea, sorry (You can use pens, pencils and other things, whitch are in your home.

It is very HAARD (It IS but I think, that almost everyone can do it)