DIY: Margaery Tyrell's wedding crown!

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Hi! I am here on blog with new tutorial. So go down if you like it or if you want know how make it. :)

Yes, it's Margaery's beautiful crown with roses and thorns and antlers.. I love this crown!
You can saw it in second episode from four season.


->Make the roll with wire in middle

->Roll the bottom of the crown, but be careful with the length.

->Put other piece of FIMO (or other polymer clay whith you use) and draw shape of antlers. After cut out them.
->Make a texture with some tools
->Put under them something because they must be convex like a crown.

->After baking put come piece of clay and stick with it antlers and bottom.

It should look like this..

->Time for roses. Make a petals and make three roses.

->Make thorns and stem and three rose buds.

I know that it is a dark picture so please look at second photo from top for more details ;)

->Bake it all by twenty minutes.
->Paint the crown.

->Wear the crown as a queen!

I hope that I helped you and if you want more tutorials please write me in comments.
And if you haven't seen my tutorial about Margaery's roses belt and you want go there ;)


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