DIY: Margaery Tyrell's belt

3. července 2014 v 13:00 | Fun.n.1 |  Tutorials
Okey, before I created blog, I had made polymer clay Margaery rose belt.

For tutorial go down..

You will need some polymer clay (I used FIMO), acrylic paint (gold, silver and bronze) and some tools.
You can use any colour FIMO you want (I recommend use FIMO soft) because if you paint it, it cannot see.

  1. Make a rose (watch this tutorial) (bronze after)*
  2. Make two little roses arround a big one (silver after)
  3. Make a long stem roses with little thorns (three in left and three in right) (gold with silver after)
  4. Bake 10-15 min.
  5. After baking pain it all (I recommend 2 layers)
*for bronze colour you can mix gold and red

I hope that I helped you

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